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Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Equipment

NoiseMeters Limited supplies sound level meters, noise dosemeters and other noise monitoring equipment for the UK and for export. All the equipment supplied is designed to meet the strict requirements of the acoustic standards and regulations.

Buy or Hire Sound Level Meters

Our Catalogue shows the range of meters available to buy and our Sound Level Meter Hire page shows the short term rental options.

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Noise Meters and Octave Band Analysers

Noise Warning Sign
noise warning sign
Noise Warning Sign
noisesign noise sign
Sound Activated
pulsar nova
Advanced Integrating
Sound Level Meter
type 1 integrating sound level meter
1/3 Octave
real-time analyzer with 1/3 octaves
Neighbour Noise
Dogs, Music, Shouting
class 1 integrating sound level meter
Outdoor Noise
Weatherproof Monitors
outdoor noise measurement
Remote Monitoring
with GSM/3G Link
remote noise monitoring
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