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Professional Sound Level Meters and Noise Monitoring Equipment

NoiseMeters Limited specialises in the supply of sound level meters, noise dosemeters and other noise monitoring equipment for the UK and for export. All the equipment supplied is designed to meet the strict requirements of the acoustic standards and regulations. Our staff have a great deal of experience in noise measurement so if you need help selecting the right meter then please call.

noise at work sound level meters
Noise at Work
Sound level meters and noise dosemeters for industry
Product List - Noise at Work Meter - dBadge - Combination Kits
outdoor and environmental noise measurement
Environmental Noise and Neighbour Noise
Sound level meters and environmental noise monitors
Noise Meters - Environmental Meter - Outdoor - Systems

general purpose sound level meters
General Purpose
Low cost noise meters for general noise surveys
noise warning signs and displays
Hospital, Office and Call Centre Noise
Noise warning signs and displays

music noise in pubs and clubs
Entertainment Noise
Noise control in pubs, clubs and entertainment venues
calibrators and microphones
Calibrators, microphones and other accessories

doseBadge and Sound Level Meter Hire
Sound Level Meter Hire
Hire of noise meters and doseBadge dosemeters
sound level meter calibration
Sound Level Meter Calibration
Sound level meter, noise dosemeter and calibrator servicing

hand arm vibration
Hand Arm Vibration
Meters to assess the risk of hand arm vibration syndrome
dust monitors
Dust Monitoring
Real-time measurement of airborne dust, aerosols and fumes

Noise Meters and Octave Band Analysers

Low Cost
Noise Meter
cel240 sound level meter
General Purpose
Sound Level Meter
cel240 sound level meter
Noise at Work
Integrating Meter
noise at work integrating sound level meter
Environmental Noise
Sound Level Meter
environmental noise meter
Noise Dosemeter
dbadge noise dosemeter
Meter and Dosemeter
combination sound level meter and dosemeter kits
Safety Officers Kit

Noise Warning Sign
noise warning sign
Noise Warning Sign
noisesign noise sign
Sound Activated
pulsar nova
Pulsar Nova
Sound Level Meter
pulsar nova sound level meter
Neighbour Noise
Dogs, Music, Shouting
class 1 integrating sound level meter
Outdoor Noise
Weatherproof Monitors
outdoor noise measurement
Remote Monitoring
with GSM/3G Link
remote noise monitoring

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