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Noise Warning Signs and Sound Level Displays

Hospital Noise

hospital noise

Warning of high noise levels in hospital wards and neonatal units - more...

Noise at Work

noise at work

Informing when the noise levels are high - time to wear hearing protection - more...

Office & Call Centre

office noise

Keeping the noise levels down in offices, libraries and call centres - more...

Entertainment Noise

entertainment noise

Controlling high noise levels from live music, pubs and clubs - more...

These noise monitoring devices are usually wall or desk mounted. They monitor the average noise levels and give a warning when they are above a preset level. The controllers can be used to remove power from a music amplifier when the noise levels are too high.

The Noise Warning Signs are popular in hospitals, particularly neonatal units, where they are an excellent reminder for visitors (and staff!) to keep their voices down. These signs are also used in hotels, schools, factories and open plan offices.


Product   Description Price
SoundEar soundear SoundEar Noise Activated Warning Sign
Shows when the noise levels have gone above a set limit. Popular in hospitals and factories.
SoundEar II soundear ii SoundEar II Noise Activated Warning Sign
The latest version of the SoundEar with data logging option
Industrial soundear industrial SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
Warning staff when it is time to reduce the noise levels or fit hearing protection
Extra-Large SoundEar Industrial XL Extra-Large SoundEar II Industrial Noise Warning Sign
For noisy factories and industry where a larger warning sign is needed
Logger data logging noise sign Data Logging Module for the SoundEar II and SoundEar II Industrial Noise Signs
Adds data logging to the standard version of the sign. Stores up to four weeks of data
NoiseSign noisesign noise warning sign NoiseSign - Noise Warning Sign with Logging and Remote Options
For "noisy" and "quiet" environments, warns when noise is above adjustable limit.
SoundAlert sound alert noise alarm SoundAlert Noise Alarm
Displays the current sound level and lights when the levels are high. Optional lighting sign.

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