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Noise at Work Integrating Sound Level Meter

Type 2 integrating sound level meter
Integrating Sound Level Meter

The Sound Level Meter

  • For European Noise at Work applications
  • Class 2 to IEC 60804 and IEC 61672-1:2002, Type 2 to IEC 60651
  • Simultaneous Leq, SPL, Lmax  and Peak
  • "A" and "C" Frequency Weighting
  • Large and clear display with backlight
  • Rugged lightweight cast aluminum case
  • Battery life > 24 hours
  • Recalls the last measurement
  • Upgradable for more measurements and data storage

The Model 82 Integrating Sound Level Meter is one of those hard to find devices: a professional grade instrument that is very easy to use. This has been achieved by designing it for one particular application, that being the measurement of occupational noise exposure in industrial environments.

The European regulations require that you use a Type 2 meter (you can use a Type 1 meter like the Model 81 but it will cost more) with the ability to measure LAeq. For loud banging noises the instrument should also measure the LCpeak.

Simple and Quick

Just calibrate, press Start, wait for the level to settle, press Stop. At any time you can read both the LAeq and the LCPeak from the large backlit display. You can even switch off, return to your office, switch on and recall the last measurement made.

Upgrade Options

Data Storage and Download - The Model 82 has all the functions required for most Noise at Work applications. However, it is always useful to know that it can be upgraded to have additional data storage facilities, more measurement functions and computer download option with analysis and reporting software. The SU80 Upgrade provides all these additional features and should you need them your instrument can be upgraded without being returned to the factory, just order the upgrade option SU80. Read more...

Which Model to Choose?

For more detailed information about the options available please visit the Options page.

  • For a simple noise at work applications, choose the P82A-K as you must have a calibrator to meet the regulations.
  • For downloading to a PC and timing functions, add the SU80 option to your order.

For more information on selecting the right meter and the regulations, including the new Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC, visit our Noise at Work Regulations page.

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Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
2 weeks
Noise Measurement Kit with Assessor
2 weeks
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Class 2 Integrating Sound Level Meter
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Noise Measurement Kit with Assessor
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Data Logging Upgrade
Class 2 Sound Level Calibrator. 1kHz, 94dB. For 1/2 inch microphones
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