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dBadge Noise Dosemeter


The dBadge is a noise dosemeter or 'Personal Sound Exposure Meter" that mounts on the worker's shoulder, monitoring the noise exposure throughout the working shift.

  • Strong (rubber overmoulded) case
  • No wires to catch on machinery
  • Lockable Controls and Display
  • Measures Leq, LEP,d (LEX,8hr) and Peak
  • "A" and "C" frequency weightings
  • Rechargeable battery with 28 hour life
  • Time history gives a graph of noise levels
  • Standard and Plus versions available
  • Insight Noise Data Management Software included in Kits

dbadge noise dosemeter
dBadge Noise Dosemeter
dBadge for noise at work measurements

The dBadge system is the perfect solution for the measurement of a worker's exposure to noise.  The badge is small and light, with no cables to catch.  There is also a huge cost saving where multiple dosemeters are required.

The dBadge has a rechargeable battery giving up to 28 hours operation, sufficient to perform many consecutive shift measurements without charging or downloading. It is charged using the convenient multi-badge charger in less than 90 minutes. Data is downloaded to a computer using the infra-red link provided.

For more information on how the dBadge works, please visit the How to Use the dBadge page.

peli case

Exclusive to NoiseMeters

When you get your dBadge kit from NoiseMeters we supply it in a tough Peli Case with custom foam to keep the equipment very well protected. More details...

Noise Dosemeter Kits dbadge noise dosemeter kits   Combination Kits noise combination kit

The dBadge is usually supplied as part of a Noise Dosemeter Kit, which includes all the accessories and software needed.

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If you need a hand-held sound level meter as well as some noise dosemeters then a Combination Kit will be ideal.

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Why Use a Dosimeter?

When it comes to measuring noise in the workplace, there are two options: a hand-held sound level meter or a noise dosemeter. The dosemeter (like the dBadge) is the best option when workers are moving between locations, between different pieces of machinery, or are working in an area that makes it difficult or dangerous to follow them round with a sound level meter. In these cases, rather than making lots of spot measurements with a sound level meter and then calculating the worker's noise exposure (LEP,d), a dosemeter monitors for the full working shift and provides you with these parameters.

If you need both a sound level meter and noise dosimeters then please have a look at our Combination Kits.

Regulations and Standards

The dBadge can be used to measure a worker's exposure to noise in most parts of the world. For use in Europe it is run in the ISO setting. Please visit the Specifications page for more information.

Additional Documentation

dBadge Datasheet (PDF, 476k)
Kit with 1 dBadge Noise Dosemeter
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Kit with 3 dBadge Noise Dosemeters
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Kit with 5 dBadge Noise Dosemeters
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noise at work sound level meter

Noise at Work

For UK and EU noise at work regulations.
noise at work sound level meter

Combination Kits

Hand held meter and personal dosemeters

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Standard kits are the most popular, with full data logging. Kits contain dBadges, Calibrator, Case and Insight Software.
Kits with 1, 2, 3 and 5 dBadges have one 3-way charger. Kits with 10 dBadges have two 3-way chargers.

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Noise Kit with 1 dBadge Dosimeter, Calibrator and Software
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Noise Kit with 3 dBadge Dosimeters, Calibrator and Software
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Noise Kit with 5 dBadge Dosimeters, Calibrator and Software
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Noise Kit with 10 dBadge Dosimeters, Calibrator and Software
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