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April 2004 - Noise Activated Warning Sign

noise activated warning signThe Sound Ear 2000 Noise Activated Warning Sign is a wall mounted active sign that is designed for use in the following environments:

It has a very attractive design, making it ideal for use in environments where appearance is important. The metal enclosure with tough perspex front also make it ideal for the industrial environment.

The sign mounts easily on the wall and plugs into the mains power using the small adaptor that is supplied with it. When the noise levels get close to the preset limit (set using a control on the back of the box) the yellow lights come on. When the actual limit is exceeded the red light comes on and the word "WARNING" lights up.

The noise activated warning sign has a number of options, including an extra large version and a data logging unit that can store the noise levels for up to four weeks and transfer them to a computer for reporting.


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