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July 2011 Newsletter

Outdoor Noise Monitoring Kit

Outdoor Weatherproof Noise Kit

This month's newsletter introduces the new Outdoor Noise Monitoring Kit for the CEL633 sound level meter. This kit is intended for:

The Outdoor Kit

The Outdoor Kit takes the power of the CEL633 sound level meter and encloses it in a weatherproof case. The addition of a rechargeable battery and outdoor microphone system make it ideal for unattended noise monitoring in any weather conditions.

The Outdoor Kit consists of the following items (in addition to the Sound Level Meter and Calibrator):

  • Weatherproof carrying case
  • 5m (15ft) microphone extension cable
  • Weather protection for microphone and preamp
  • Rechargeable battery pack

The standard battery pack is powerful enough to run the meter for at least seven days.

More information about the Outdoor Kit...


The CEL633 sound level meter that is included in the Outdoor Kit is ideal for almost all environmental noise surveys as it includes all the usual parameters in the standard version:

The usual applications for the Outdoor Kit are:


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