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doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter

doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter
doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter
doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter Shoulder Mounted

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£1682.00 +VAT
Kit with one doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
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Kit with two doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
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Kit with three doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
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Kit with five doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
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Kit with ten doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
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doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter
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Sound Level Calibrator for doseBadge Pro
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Dock and charger for doseBadge Pro
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doseBadge "Wand" remote control
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£1682.00 +VAT
Kit with one doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
In stock

£3247.00 +VAT
Kit with three doseBadge Pro, dock, calibrator, case and software
In stock


  • Strong anti-tamper design
  • Data logging with schedule timers
  • Multiple channels for all regulations
  • Real-time octave band filters
  • Bluetooth and mobile app
  • Fast charge time


  • Noise at work assessments
  • Occupational noise surveys
  • Noise exposure measurements
  • Factories and industrial sites
  • Hearing protection assessment

doseBadge Professional Overview

The doseBadge Professional is a high specification noise dosimeter for monitoring a worker's exposure to high noise levels in the workplace. It mounts on a worker's shoulder in order to measure the total noise exposure throughout the working day or shift. This Professional version makes all the measurements of the lower cost Industrial doseBadge but adds a number of useful features for a deeper analysis of the sound levels, better measurement control and more detailed reporting.

Noise Regulations

The doseBadge Pro can be configured to comply with any occupational noise regulations, standards or guidelines. As it has four independent channels or integrators it can be configured to meet multiple regulations at the same time.

For the UK and elsewhere in Europe it meets the requirements of EU Physical Agents (Noise) Directive 2003/10/EC and the HSE's guidelines for assessing noise at work. As the doseBadge's four integrators are configurable, it can be set to meet other regulations should you need to use it outside the UK.

doseBadge Industrial or doseBadge Professional

The doseBadge Industrial is a slightly lower cost noise dosimeter that offers the functions required by the noise at work regulations, but of course doesn't have many of the advanced features offered by the Professional.

The following features are only available in the Professional version:

  • Timers to start measurements automatically
  • Real-time octave band filters
  • Easier and better selection of hearing protection
  • Bluetooth link to mobile phone app (see Software tab)
  • 4 independent channels for combined regulations
  • Docking station for charging and USB download
  • Internal shock sensor to detect impact and tampering

doseBadge Pro Noise Dosimeter

The doseBadge Pro is a noise dosimeter that mounts on the worker's shoulder, attached to the clothing with two clips, to measure the noise levels throughout the day.

doseBadge Pro

The measurement process can be started (see the Using It tab) and left running all day.

Rechargeable Battery

The battery in the doseBadge Pro is charged using the Docking station. From flat it takes about three hours to fully charge a doseBadge. One docking station can charge five doseBadges at the same time. The docking station also houses the USB link to a computer for configuration and download.

Shock Sensor

One of the issues with dosimetry is related to the microphone getting knocked - usually accidentally, but not always! This causes a spike in the noise level and a high Peak reading. The shock and motion sensor helps separate the genuine high Peak levels from those caused by knocks.


As well as the standard USB interface to your PC (via the dock), the doseBadge Pro also has Bluetooth as standard. A mobile phone app for both Android and Apple devices is available at no extra cost. This can be used to configure, start/stop and view ongoing measurements. See the Software tab for more information.

Noise Measurements

A noise dosimeter is designed to measure the sound levels that a worker is exposed to throughout the day. For the UK this will be the daily noise exposure (LEP,d) and the C weighted Peak.

For a UK or EU noise at work assessment the main parameters are:

  • LAeq - average sound level
  • LEP,d or LEX,8hr - daily noise exposure
  • Peak - the "C" weighted peak pressure

With the multiple integrators you can measure in both UK/EU regulations and another, such as USA OSHA regulations. In this case you would also get measurements of Lavg, TWA and Dose % with 5 dB exchange rate.

Time History

Although a Time History is not a requirement of the regulations, it is an extremely useful feature, especially considering that you are not following the worker round all day. With a detailed graph of the sound level over time you get a clear picture of the noise exposure. You can pick out the noisy parts of the day, those jobs that need extra attention with regard to noise reduction and hearing protection.

To provide a high level of detail, the doseBadge Professional stores creates the time history by logging all integrators (Leq, Lavg, etc.), peak channels and octave band filter spectrum every second.

Octaves and Hearing Protection

The doseBadge Pro can provide you with the C-A calculation for HML hearing protector selection, or you can take a more detailed approach using the real-time octave band filters.

The doseBadge Pro stores the overall octave band content, but it also stores a time history of the octave bands throughout the measurement period. You can select a period of interest (particularly high noise levels for example) and run further analysis and hearing protector checks for that time.

Start of the Working Day

  • Calibrate the doseBadge (requirement of the regulations)
  • Attach the doseBadge Pro to the worker using the clips included
  • Start the measurement (software, mobile app, Wand or timer)

Leave the noise dosimeter to measure for the full working shift.

End of the Working Day

  • Stop the measurement
  • Remove the doseBadge from the worker
  • Check the calibration
  • Put the doseBadge on the dock to download and charge

A summary of the measurements can be viewed using the mobile phone app, but it is normally more convenient to download the measurements to a computer using the docking station and software provided.

The doseBadges will charge on the Dock, taking up to three hours from flat.

calibrating the dosebadge
Calibrating the doseBadge

Software for the doseBadge Professional

The doseBadge Pro kits include the NoiseTools software, which has the following main features:

  • Configure the doseBadge Pro noise dosimeter
  • Set timers to control measurements
  • Download measurements from the doseBadge Pro
  • Link measurements to a person, place or project
  • View noise exposure and octave band measurements
  • Produce noise reports for printing or sharing

The NoiseTools software runs on a Windows PC, working on Windows 7, 8 and 10. There is no charge for the software and there are no licence restrictions, so you can install it on as many computers as needed.

You can download the software with some sample data if you want to try it out before buying the kit, to be sure it operates correctly on your computer system.

Mobile App

Start and stop measurements, configure the doseBadge Pro and view measurement progress using the mobile app, which is available free of charge for iOS and Android phones or tablets.

doseBadge Pro Measurement Kits

The CK120/x dosimeter kits include everything needed for a detailed occupational noise survey. These kits include:

doseBadgesStandard kits have 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 doseBadge Pro noise dosimeters. Other quantities can be supplied
WindshieldsEach doseBadge has a protective, removable windshield
CalibratorA 114 dB Class 2 acoustic calibrator
Charging DockOne or more docks are provided to charge all doseBadges at the same time. Each dock takes up to 5 doseBadges
SoftwareNoiseTools software included, mobile app from app store
Carrying CaseHolds all these items
PaperworkUser manuals and calibration certificates

Optional Items

As the CK120/x kits include everything you need there are very few options. Individual parts (doseBadges, Calibrator, etc.) can be bought by selecting the Parts tab in the Ordering box above.

RC120A "Wand" Remote Control

The "Wand" can be used instead of the mobile app to start, pause and stop measurements, and to view mid-shift readings. Although not essential, in some circumstances it can more convenient than using a mobile or tablet.

It communicates with the doseBadge Pro over a Bluetooth connection.

doseBadge Pro Specifications

StandardsIEC 61252:1993 +AMD1:2000 Personal Sound Exposure Meters
IEC 61252 Ed 1.1 (2002-03) Personal Sound Exposure Meters
ANSI S1.25:1991 (R2017) Personal Noise Dosimeters
IEC 61260-1:2014 Class 2 (Octave Bands from 63Hz to 8kHz)
ANSI S1.11-2014 Class 2 (Octave Bands from 63Hz to 8kHz)
RangeRMS Range - 60 dB(A) to 140 dB(A)
Peak Range - 80 dB(C) to 143 dB(C)
Octave Bands - 70 dB(A) to 140 dB(A)
Functions4 Simultaneous Independent Integrator Channels
2 Simultaneous Independent Peak Channels
1:1 Octave Bands (63Hz to 8kHz)
ParametersMeasurement duration, Start time & date, Instrument serial number & name
Calibration information (field & factory calibration), Overload & Tamper sensor detection
Integrator ParamsAverage Integrated Sound Level (Leq/Lavg), Time Weighted Average (LEP,d/LEX,8/TWA)
Sound Exposure & Estimated Sound Exposure, % Dose & Estimated % Dose, ULT Duration
SPL Max Level & Time, SPL Min Level
Peak ChannelOverall LPeak level for each channel (Up to 2 channels)
Octave BandsOverall unweighted Leq for each octave band (63Hz to 8kHz)
CommunicationBluetooth Wireless communication to the RC120A Wand
Bluetooth Wireless communication to the dBLink App (Android & iOS)
USB download to NoiseTools via the doseBadge Dock


Integrator OptionsChannel name - Preset or user defined
Exchange rate - 3, 4 or 5 dB
Criterion Level - 80 dB to 100 dB in 1 dB steps
Criterion Time - 1 hr to 24 hrs in 1hr steps
Threshold Level - None, 70 dB to 100 dB n 1dB steps
Time Weighting - Fast, Slow or None
Frequency Weighting - A, C or Z
Upper Limit Level - 70 dB to 140 dB in 1 dB steps
Upper Limit Time Weighting - None, Fast or Slow
Upper Limit Freq. Weighting - A,C, or Z
SPL Max Time Weighting - Fast or Slow
SPL Max Freq Weighting - A,C or Z
LED Threshold Trigger - User selectable channel with user selectable % Dose trigger levels (75% to 100% in 5% steps)
Peak OptionsFrequency weighting - A,C or Z (2 channels)
CalibrationAutomatic detection of external acoustic calibration
User configurable calibration level (typically 114dB or 94dB)
Data Logging1 second or 1-minute time history data (user selectable)
MemoryUp to 80 hours of Time History Data for each channel including 1:1 Octave Bands
Up to 40 individual measurements
Maximum duration of any single measurement: 24 hours
Dimensions66 mm x 43 mm x 53 mm (excluding clips)
2.53" x 1.69" x 2.01" (excluding clips)
85 g/2.9 oz