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Hearing Protection Calculator - SNR Method

hese calculators estimate the sound level at the ear when wearing hearing protection. The noise must be measured using a suitable sound level meter and the details of the hearing protectors in questions must be available too. There are three methods available:

  Octave Band This is the most accurate way to calculate the level at the ear. Use this if you have a sound level meter with Octave Band Filters. You also need the hearing protector's APV values.
  HML Method The H-M-L method is usually the second most accurate method. You need a sound level meter that measures the "A" weighted and the "C" weighted Leq. You also need the protector's HML values.
  SNR Method The SNR method is usually the least accurate but easiest way to assess a hearing protector's performance. You need a "C" weighted sound level meter and the protector's SNR figure.


Protector SNR
C Weighted Sound Level
Calculated Level
dB Level at the ear to ISO 4869-2:1995
Real World +4dB
dB Allowing for real-world factors


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